Vacuhand Pro Crane™

The versatile articulating Vacuhand Pro Crane™ can be adapted to each individual workplace, with a reach of up to 13 ft, and a height-adjustable floor pillar. Add a mobile platform and you can easily move the Vacuhand Pro Crane between different workstations – a simple manual pallet truck will suffice!

There are a wide range of interchangeable suction feet to choose from. Common suction feet are used for bags, boxes and sheet goods of varying sizes. The choice really depends on your applica-tion needs. Custom options are also available.

Multiple mounting options are available. If you want mobility, we can mount the crane onto a floorplate which can be moved around via pallet jack or forklift. The crane can also be installed in various other ways such as directly to the floor, to the wall, or to an existing column.

The Vacuhand Pro Crane™ is a hybrid version of our articulated jib crane.

  • Vacuum pump and filter mounted on the vacuum pump platform
  • Option for a motor starter fuse and disconnect panel.
  • Sound muffler included with vacuum pump
  • 2” vacuum supply hose festooned along MOBI- Arm™.
  • Vacuhand V™ vacuum tube lifter is suspended at the end of MOBI-Arm™

Vacuhand Pro – vacuum lifter video

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