The Easycrane™ series consists of flexible swing arm cranes with a vacuum lifter integrated in the swing arm – a complete workstation for quick and easy lifting!

With ample reach and an adjustable floor pillar, Easycrane™ is adaptable to most workplaces. Add a mobile platform and you can move Easycrane™ with a simple manual hand pallet truck between different workstations.

Easycrane™ is available in several models:

Easycrane Pro™ Easy one-handed lifting up to 110 lbs
Easycrane M™ Panels and box lifting up to 110 lbs
Easycrane Pro Rapid™ Quick parcel lifting up to 110 lbs

Sometimes, flexibility is most important. With a mobile platform, the vacuum lifter can be easily moved between different workstations.

  • Complete ergonomic workstation
  • Easy to use
  • Increases productivity
  • Fixed installation or with a mobile platform
  • Comfortable handling even close to the pillar
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