Bridge Crane

Freedom of movement in large work areas

Our lightweight overhead crane system, Mechrail™, consists of extruded aluminum profiles to which lifting systems, suspension systems and accessories are fitted to provide ergonomic and flexible movement in x/y joints during lifting operations.

The aluminum profiles in the Mechrail™ system have been designed for maximum strength and torsion rigidity in combination with a very low weight, which makes Mechrail™ a very light and ergonomic overhead crane system.

The Mechrail™ crane system is easy to install and can be extended or supplemented as needed.

The Mechrail™ aluminum crane system is designed to meet the market’s strictest requirements for accessibility, safety and handling ergonomics.

  • Very low rolling resistance for ergonomic handling
  • Meets the automotive industry’s high ergonomic and accessibility requirements
  • Large range of smart accessories
  • Easy to install
  • Modular design for easy extension
  • Swedish design
  • Developed in cooperation with fitters and operators
  • Specially adapted as required
  • Easily dimensioned with the ECONFIG™ configurator
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