Fixed or mobile workstation

RonI’s range of ergonomic jib cranes includes a complete product series from wall-mounted jib cranes and pillar-mounted jib cranes in aluminum to complete lifting units with integrated lifting equipment.

A jib crane is a practical solution for the installation of vacuum lifters at a workstation.

Several of the jib cranes can be provided with a mobile platform for easy moving between different workstations.

Crane arms in strong and light aluminum offers an easy and flexible material handling.

  • Wall or pillar-mounted
  • Stable powder-coated steel pillar
  • Standard natural white or optional RAL color
  • Crane arm in strong and light aluminum profile
  • Extremely mobile crane arms for good ergonomics
  • Light rolling resistance lifting system in aluminum
  • Premium quality wheel bearings
  • Customized jib cranes
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